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Published: May 16, 1985

"AWNINGS are a very smart way to decrease or increase the effect of the sun throughout the year,'' said Richard Gerardi, director of the Weatherization Assistance Program of the New York State Department of State in Albany. ''By properly addressing the sun's effects during different times of the year, you can change the temperature inside by 10 to 15 degrees.''

Because there are so many different types of windows and varying angles of the sun's rays, most awnings must be custom-made.

For instance, a standard double-hung window might use an angled awning with triangular side parts or a valance, while a casement window will need a hunchback awning angled away from the opening panes. Bay windows require a frame curved to the window's dimensions.

Awning materials also vary. Corrugated aluminum with an enameled acrylic finish is often the least expensive because the metal is molded over the opening. Fabric awnings, which include water-repellent and mildew-resistant canvas duck, cotton-synthetic blends and vinyl-laminated polyester, are more expensive because they must be stitched to fit metal frames underneath.

Awnings can come in stationary versions, which are usually made of aluminum, or roll-up versions. For roll-up models, mechanisms can be hand-drawn, mechanical, remote-controlled or even sun-wind sensitive.


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